About me

"Focus on the solution and not on the problem" (Mahatma Ghandi).

Solution orientation and the certainty that we all carry the solutions within us are cornerstones of my thinking. My curiosity about people and life has not only allowed me to immerse myself in foreign countries and cultures several times during my studies to become a certified translator, but also to explore the world again and again, both professionally and privately.  As a mother of two almost grown-up sons, whom we adopted in Bolivia and Colombia many years ago, I have a great love for Latin America. The desire to work intensively with people has led me to my training as a psychological counselor. I am particularly fascinated by neuroscientific findings on how we can shape our own lives and positively control them, even in difficult phases of life. Support in life crises, the identification of stressors and in the search for meaning through mindfulness, mental training and resilience promotion to master, are the core of my consulting concept. Life is not a sprint, but a marathon. My concern is to support you in (re)discovering your courage and strength in order to find possible new ways of change together with you. I am convinced that the past influences our life, but does not determine it. 

Graduate translator (FH) English/Spanish, TH Cologne
Psychological counselor, Impulse School for liberal health professions 
 Differential psychology and personality psychology, PFH Academy Priv. University of Applied Sciences Göttingen 
Burnout Coach, MDIFW
Addiction Coach
Hypnosis Coach