Psychological Counseling 

 Life sometimes confronts us with challenges. Personal conflicts, relationship conflicts, making decisions, everyday crises can burden us at times. I would be happy to go with you on the search for a change. 

 The following feelings, thoughts and situations are currently burdening you 

  • You feel tired and exhausted
  • They are more and more unmotivated
  • You feel pressured
  • You often get the feeling that you just have to function
  • You suffer from physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, sleep disorders
  • Your thoughts are going in circles more and more often
  • You are sad and aimless
  • You are faced with an important decision and are stuck
  • You are dissatisfied in your relationship or your job 

A special focus of my work is on counselling and support for relatives/adults of children of addicts

I am happy to support you in dealing with short-term everyday worries if a major change is imminent or you are in a dead end and new food for thought makes sense.
Since every person is unique and has personal preferences, I offer you different counseling options.
Walk & Talk, classic in a comfortable consultation room, online via video telephony or, if you prefer to remain anonymous and like to write, via email consultation.

Change of Perspective

Only through crises does change become possible.
In the course of life, we experience ups and downs. Sometimes we need a new perspective to master the challenges. New impulses enable us to lead our lives again in harmony and in accordance with our needs. 

Together with you I work out ways out of stressful situations. Psychological counseling can help you cope with stress and bring more relaxation and ease back into your everyday life. 

Your view becomes free for your resources, your abilities and strengths to use them for creative solutions. 


Stress management - determine and eliminate personal stressors

Resilience training - strengthen resilience & self-confidence, serenity and joy for the future

Mindfulness training - reducing fears, resolving panic attacks

Mental training - turning negative beliefs, inner drivers into positive ones

Client-centered conversation according to Carl Rogers - You already carry the solutions within you. I help you to unfold your potential

Counseling vs Therapy 

Psychological counseling is not a form of therapy. It serves the purpose of counseling and coaching in momentary challenging life situations that have no disease value.  Psychological counseling is therefore not covered by health insurance and is a purely private service. As a psychological counselor, I am bound to professional secrecy.

Client-centered conversation according to Carl Rogers

Client-centered interviewing is based on the humanistic view of man: Man carries within himself everything he needs for greater well-being and is thus best able to analyze his personal situation and work out solutions to his problems.  

The power of the forest

The calming greenery of the forest is a natural resource that we can use to enhance our mental well-being. A walk in the forest lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, and strengthens the immune system. Fresh air combined with exercise promotes a sense of well-being, clears the mind and provides energy for implementing new thought processes.  

Activate resources with positive psychology

The key to a lighter and more relaxed life lies within each of us. It is a matter of finding it and using it.

Get your visions back

You are the director and the main actor of your life. Sometimes everyday life covers our wishes and visions and in the course of time we don't see them anymore. But they are there and you, as the boss of your life, have the power to bring them to light again. A consultation can support you in this process.