Whether in the comfort of my consulting room, during a walk & talk in the woods, in a video conversation or by email - you decide - the consultation can take place in German, English, Spanish or Italian.

Addiction counseling/adult children of alcoholics.

Symptoms of the family disease of alcoholism or other dysfunction turn relatives into "co-victims." The characteristics of the disease are adopted without ever having to have had a drink. Recognizing co-dependent behavior is the first step to mental and emotional recovery and strengthening the self under the strain of relationships with alcoholics or other addicts.

Life Counseling 

Psychosocial support in life crises, family issues and problems at work, anxiety and inner turmoil. Support in filtering out the problem and joint goal setting towards an optimal solution for you.  

Stress Management - Resilience Promotion

Defining your personal stress triggers is the first step towards more calm and serenity. Mindfulness in dealing with yourself is one of the basic prerequisites for resolving stress and steering it in a healthy direction. When one's own room for maneuver in dealing with stress and psychological burdens is expanded, well-being, motivation and performance can be restored and permanently maintained. 

Mental Training - Using the Neuroplasticity of our Brain 

Our brain can be trained like a muscle. Once negative beliefs have been identified, they can be transformed into new, positive thought patterns with the help of positive mental training. Mindfulness exercises help to consciously direct our thoughts towards a positive flow of energy and information.  

You have the choice 

Walk & Talk - Online counseling - Presence - Email counseling

The counseling sessions are conducted individually and flexibly according to your wishes and needs either the Praxis für Prävention (www.praxisfürprävention.de), during a regenerating walk in the woods or via video conversation through TheraPsy Connect. All three options can be used in combination. All according to your personal, space or time needs. For email consultation, please find information below.

Facts Check

  • Consultation sessions can take place outdoors, during a walk in the forest (Siegburg Kaldauen or Stallberg). We will discuss the exact meeting place by phone/in written before the appointment. Weather appropriate clothing and physical fitness for a 60 minute walk at your pace is required.

  • Online counseling sessions take place through TheraPsy Connect. You will receive a link to this from me via email prior to your first appointment. Privacy information about video calling with TheraPsy Connect can be found here:   

TheraPsy Connect | Verschlüsselte Online              Psychotherapie 

  • Face-to-face counseling sessions in a counseling room take place in Siegburg (www.praxisfuerpraevention.de)
    One counseling hour lasts 50 minutes.

  • The telephone call is free of charge. Here you have the opportunity to describe your concerns and decide if you feel comfortable. As a psychological counselor, I am only authorized to counsel you in the context of conflicts that do not involve illness and, if necessary, to refer you to a therapist. 

  • Frequency and number of counseling appointments will be determined after the first hour and adjusted as needed during the course of counseling. 

  • A counseling hour in presence and walk & talk costs 65 €. A video counseling hour costs 50 € (the amount does not include VAT according to paragraph 19 of the VAT Act). 

  • Please note that psychological counseling is not covered by health insurance. These are purely private services, as they are not legally therapy hours. 
    If you are a pupil, a student or a single parent, please ask for discounted rates 

Please understand that the online counseling hours from the 2nd counseling on must be paid in advance via PayPal or bank transfer before the date after the booking process. For Presence and Walk&Talk you have the option to pay in cash or by bank transfer after the hour.