Business packages 

Tailored consulting packages specifically designed to meet the needs of your employees

Enable your employees to have short-term counseling sessions to improve their mental and psychological well-being. Psychosocial counseling can contribute to reducing sick days and increasing the productivity of your employees. Increased employee satisfaction leads to higher company loyalty. Additionally, by offering health-promoting measures, you enhance the image of your company. Through targeted and personalized conversations, your employees can better handle challenging situations in their professional or personal lives. Personal resources are strengthened, and a contribution is made to reducing stress and preventing burnout. Counseling sessions can also be conducted in Spanish, or Italian upon request. They can take place either at my practice in the heart of Siegburg or at your company.

Contact me! Together, we will develop a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Lectures/Compact Seminars

Psychoeducation is an essential component to maintain mental well-being and performance. Only those who understand and are aware of the effects of stress can respond with appropriate measures and/or behavioral changes. Impulse lectures on resilience, stress management, and dealing with change are just a few examples where knowledge can be imparted to promote stress prevention. Insights gained from lectures, where interaction with your employees takes precedence, can lead to new perspectives and have a positive impact on the work environment.

Teambuilding Workshops 

Not only is everyday life becoming more hectic and fast-paced, but employee turnover in the workplace is also increasing. New colleagues need to come together, new teams are formed, and supervisors change. One way to bring people together in a work context is through teambuilding measures. By experiencing things together, employees and supervisors can get to know each other in a different setting. This strengthens the connection between individuals and provides an opportunity to get to know each other in different roles. As part of my workshop offering, STRESS MANAGEMENT with INTUITIVE PAINTING, you can provide a creative teambuilding activity for your employees. Up to 12 people can learn about stress management theory during the workshop and then experience a creative painting process together. For more information about the workshop, please visit:

Teambuilding - Stress Management Workshop

The workshop can be conducted at your company upon request or in Siegburg or Refrath.